Uncle Fred's Stuck in Bed is a rhyming segment.
Uncle Fred's Stuck in Bed

"Some things are best left unsaid."



(The scene opens with Boley. Boley sighs. Marko enters the scene.)

Marko: Hey, Boley! What's wrong?

Boley: Oh, it's Uncle Fred. He's stuck in bed.

Marko: Uncle Fred? Why is he stuck in bed?

Boley: It's his head.

Marko: What's wrong with his head?

Boley: It's covered with bread.

Marko: Uncle Fred's head is covered with bread?

Boley: That's what I said.

Marko: How dreadful!

Boley: He sent me a message. so I sped over there, but I misread. I thought he said Ned was covered with thread, but it was Fred covered with bread.

Marko: So, why can't you just move the bread?

Boley: It got wet somehow, so it's as heavy as lead.

Marko: Wet bread? That would stop me dead!

Boley: And this is the worst day to be stuck in bed, because his best friend Ted is about to be wed.

Marko: What's the name of the woman he's marrying?

Boley: Ruth.

Marko: Oh. Well, what about using a shovel?

Boley: A shovel?

Marko: Yeah. I'm sure you could find one out in his shed.

Boley: Oh, I tried that. I called for his dog Red.

Marko: Red? The one with spots on her head?

Boley: Yeah, the purebred. She led me to the shed, but it was a place I couldn't possibly tread. The door was jammed on his sled. Plus, the overhead light was out and my flashlight was dead.

Marko: Too bad you didn't have my night vision goggles. They're inferred! Well, has he tried eating his way out of the bread?

Boley: Eating it?

Marko: Well, I mean, bread is edible.

Boley: Hmm. That's not a bad idea, but, how would he eat all that bread?

Marko: Well, get a little cheese spread.

Boley: Oh! We could also try ripping the bread to shreds!

Marko: Yeah! Hey, if you help him out of this, you're gonna get some major cred!

Boley: You're right! Okay, I'm gonna tell Uncle Fred and get him out of that bed!

Marko: Um, Boley? Just one question.

Boley: Yeah?

Marko: Where on Earth did all that bread come from? How did it end up on his head?

Boley: Some things are best left unsaid.

(Marko looks at the camera.)